Requiem for a Dream: Emotional Rollercoaster

   I have just watched Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’, and I’m proud to add it to my list films that truly inspire me.
  Requiem for a Dream (based on the book by ‘Hubert Selby Jr’) follows the lives of four normal down to earth people as they live there life’s in urban New York. For some of the cast there recreational drug use soon becomes a life style, loosing control they all spiral off into different end games. The resultant pathways leave them regretting the past.
  Although the paths of the intentional drug abusers is an inspiring story they are all trumped by the path of the mother. Left lonely and depressed by her neglective son she focuses her attention rather unhealthily towards her television set. In her depression she finds serenity within some health pills obtained from her local GP. Slowly she deteriorates from these narcotics leading to a heart twisting conclusion.
  All of the feelings that are generated from this twisted storey are all made more personal by the exquisite cinematography throughout the picture. The feeling of personal involvement is breath-taking. I directly felt like I was part of the movie and that I shared the cast’s experiences. I feel that this form of cinematography is a dying art due to the CGI of today, and it’s a real treat to find a film that uses it so beautifully.
  The casting was also particularly well achieved. Having Jared Leto as the ‘Hero’ of the story was particularly fitting. I feel this is true due the physicality’s of Leto playing compliments to the character of Harry Goldfarb’s psyche. Leto plays the character of a loving son with troubles very well and has been known in the past to adapt this appearance to fit his roles, I’m glad to say that he did not let his reputation down in the picture.
  Ellen Burstyn plays the role of Sara Goldfarb (the troubled mother), and I have to say that I believe her portrayal to be one of the best visual acting I have seen in a long time. The raw emotion that is given off in every seen is incredible. Burstyn for me made this movie what it was and I’m pleased to say that I learned a lot from her performance.
  I sincerely urge all that have not seen this film to sit down and watch it but make Shure you are focused solely on it so you can be as much a part of the movie as I felt I was.


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