An Inspirational Story

  As a film enthusiast I like to watch as many great films as possible. I have in fact got a ‘Watch list’ that I’m constantly adding to. 
   Today I sat down and watched what I believe to be one most beautiful films of my time. ‘Into the Wild’ is the story of a young man ‘Christopher McCandless’ that decided after collage to donate all his savings (24,000 USD) to Charity and to head out into the wilderness of America. It is a story of freedom and self-harmony that ends with an all-important realisation. 

                  “happiness is not real unless shared”


 The film captures the essence of life as an adolescent growing up with parents that are grooming you to be part of society. McCandless was not afraid to say ‘Fuck you society’ and go his own direction. I respect this attitude to life and I respect the fact that McCandless was not afraid to Shape his own path rather than follow the linear life stile that is expected of us in this age. O and did I mention it’s a true story.

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